💔 all the stages of a breakup 🖤


phase 1: you know i’d rather die than say goodbye – sweet little lies
phase 2: you stay ‘cause it’s too inconvenient to leave me – get clean
phase 3: you’re asking me my symptoms, doctor, I don’t wanna feel – escapism.
phase 4: come back to me like you could if you just said you’re sorry – if this was a movie
phase 5: but it’s not real and you don’t exist – cellings 
phase 6: the grass is always greener, right, on the other side? – i hope you know that 
phase 7: the first time in six months, I don’t hate you as much – too well
phase 8: If you want another chance, show me a different dance – mi amor
phase 9: i can love me better than you can – flowers
phase 10: being sad is so last year, i’m over it – sad b!tch